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Memorial Gifts

We are grateful for each gift we receive. We thank each donor and notify the family when a gift has been made in memory of their loved one. The amount of the gift is not disclosed. Many families like to have memorial giving envelopes at the service for the convenience of family and friends. If you would like these envelopes, please contact the Development Office at (800) 486-8784. If you would like to designate memorial gifts to HPH Hospice, please let the funeral home staff know. They will ensure this information is published.

Memorial donations provide you an opportunity to acknowledge and honor the memory of a loved one while supporting the programs and services which benefit HPH Hospice patients and families. Gifts to HPH Hospice are very much appreciated and are maximized for the greatest benefit to the people we serve. Your contributions make a real difference in our communities.

Programs & Services

General donations made to the HPH Hospice are used to support programs and services for those faced with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Your gifts enable us to provide dignity, comfort and a ray of light to our patients and their families, whenever they need us. The mission of HPH Hospice is to care for those nearing end of life and to support and encourage their loved ones. Your support of HPH Hospice’s mission is truly appreciate.

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Memorial Bricks

The Memorial Brick Walkways are lasting reflections of love and friendship, providing quiet contemplation by all visitors. The outdoor walkways are paved with memories of loved ones. Preserve your special memory and support HPH Hospice. Click on the Brochure for ordering instructions.

HPH Garden brochure

Memorial Leaves

The Trees of Memory in our facilities are lasting reflections of the love of family and friends. The Tree of Memory enrich the beautiful settings and the memories they represent. The Trees of Memory show a special commitment to the work of HPH Hospice. Click on the Brochure for ordering instructions.

HPH Tree of Memory brochure