When it comes to compassion, HPH Hospice volunteers have it in their hearts. Our not-for-profit agency relies heavily on special individuals to help staff deliver programs and services to patients, family members, and the community. 

Volunteers are like family. Giving of your time and talents to HPH Hospice is a great place to forge friendships and feel fulfilled. There’s a place for everyone who is interested in being part of our organization.  

HPH volunteers offer their time weekly, monthly or seasonally. We accept volunteers as young as 14, and service hours are provided for high school students. All prospective volunteers must complete an application and interview before participating in a volunteer orientation.  

We are deeply grateful to our volunteers, and offer annual volunteer appreciation luncheons, service awards, team building opportunities, continuing education, social events and more. Most of all, we listen because we care. You’ll always have the support of your HPH Volunteer Coordinator and will be warmly welcomed.

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